Dating cantonese girl

dating cantonese girl

How to date a Cantonese girl from Hong Kong?

Now, when dating a Cantonese woman from Hong Kong, it would be better to look for one who understands English, that is, unless you know Cantonese. The good thing is that many girls who are local to the city of Hong Kong speak very good English. You have nothing to worry about there.

What are the Don’ts of dating a Chinese woman?

Now to the don’ts, there are many deal-breakers when it comes to dating Chinese women, but let’s focus on the major ones that could get you butted out the fastest. A Chinese woman expects a man to pick up the bills while on a date. So you should not ask her to go Dutch with you.

How to get a date with a Chinese girl?

This might just be the winning piece that will seal your chances of getting a date with a Chinese girl. Chinese girls who haven’t lived away from home are usually not open to foreigners. So it’s natural for them to treat you with suspicion initially. A good place to start is learning about Chinese cuisine.

Is it possible to find a Chinese girl?

Of course, in a country with 1 billion inhabitants, around 49 % female, you are bound to find any kind of girl. But taking the risk of falling into stereotypes, here is a list of ten things you should be aware of when dating Chinese girls. I hope it helps you.

How to date a girl from Hong Kong?

Remember women from Hong Kong are very different to women from other parts of the world. 5. Be nice to her parents If you are dating this girl for a while and one day she asks you to meet her parents.

Why should you date Hong Kong singles?

Hong Kong is a fun city, and therefore dating one of the Hong Kong singles should be more than enough fun for you. These women are way different from the women that you would find in the mainland China. You better learn a thing or two about them before you embark on the search for love or a good time from them.

Is it hard to find a girlfriend in Hong Kong?

Dating in Hong Kong doesn’t have to be difficult and we’re not about to admit defeat. Navigating relationships in our ever-changing city can seem impossible when you haven’t done your homework. We spoke with dating coach and founder of Happy Ever After, Valentina Tudose, who talks about all things dating and the dangers of limiting beliefs.

Where to date rich Chinese women in Hong Kong?

No matter if you want to date rich Chinese women or Filipina domestic workers, you’ll find them in one of these malls: The Landmark is the most famous shopping mall in Hong Kong. It’s also the one with the most designer knick-knack. This is the place where the high society girls hang out.

Okay, China Love Cupid is the best Chinese dating site. And if you’re looking for a serious relationship you should look for traditional girls outside of Beijing and Shanghai. So, where should you search? Well, in case you are a foodie, you should look for girls in Guangzhou because the food is so damn good.

Are Chinese girls ready to get married right away?

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