Dating mullard valves

dating mullard valves

How many different types of Mullard valves are there?

As Mullard made 8600 different types of valve, I am not going to try and list all of the Engineering Codes but a poll of tInterweb should find a list somewhere The lower line is the date code and a handy decade split can be made from the number of characters this line possess: -

What is the date on a valve label?

An additional system of dating is also used which records the date of valve labelling, this dating system utilises a four digit numeric code in which the first two integers denote year and the second two integers the week of the year. Hence 6712 would denote March 1967.

Do you know the history of military valve markings?

I have just received an e-mail asking for details of military valve markings so heres a little primer for anyone who might have a similar interest. Valves used by the British military Armed Services were marked with a CV or common valve name which was defined by the Inter-Service Technical Valve Committee in 1941.

How many types of valves are there?

Types of Valves: 1 Gate Valve 2 Globe Valve 3 Check Valve 4 Plug Valve 5 Ball Valve 6 Butterfly Valve 7 Hydraulic Valves 8 Needle Valves 9 Pinch Valve 10 Disc Valve More ...

What was the purpose of the gold coating on Mullard valves?

The gold spray coating served no purpose other than to hide the blackened interior, as Mullard valves were still manufactured using the azide process, long abandoned by other makers. Mullard Limited was a British manufacturer of electronic components.

What did Mullard make in 1962?

In 1962 over 6,200 were employed and Mullard described the Blackburn works as the largest valve manufacturing plant in Europe. By 1949 Mullard had produced a number of television sets, such as the MTS-521 and MTS-684. In 1951 Mullard was producing the LSD series of photographic flash tubes.

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